Friday, June 26, 2009

A new beginning

Hello all. Sooo here I go with my new experience with blogging. I told Angie I didn't want to do it because I have such a huge ego and it would end up being all about me. However, after reading hers and other people's blogs, I realized the things I have to say are just as important as anything they have to say, right?

I have had this blog for about a week now with nothing written in it. See, I planned to write in it every night so far, but I get so distracted talking to people online that I don't do it. I have to say it's my favorite part of the night when I get to relax in bed and talk to all the people I miss. But, it does not allow me to do other things at the same time. I finally got the epiphany that I should write during the day when I'm bored and complaining about having nothing to do. So here it is, 10:30am, just woke up, and ready to blog!

I guess for now, I'll just let people know whats going on in life. I'm leaving for Boston in 2 days!!!! I am already almost completely packed and ready to start my summer in the beautiful city. I am sooooo excited because I got the meanie housing guy to switch me into Angie's room so we can live together by just basically being myself: a bit bitchy. And, Sarah is going to be right down the street, Chelsea is going to be there, Patt isn't too far, and of course, Ita, Sharra, and Angela live right near by. I can't wait to see them all! I am bringing a white board calendar so Angie and I can plan our epic adventures in the city of Bostie. We are already planning some pretty exciting stuff. So, bring your kites and stop on by!

I guess that's it for now. I'll save the deeper thoughts for next time. =D